About KDM

In 1995, Ken Burnham, George DeGraca, and Jim Martin founded KDM Development. Their Business Plan was to buy, renovate, stabilize, and operate industry leading Manufactured Housing Communities. Over the last three decades, the trio has transacted on over $1,000,000,000.00 in Manufactured Housing Real Estate, with upwards of 12,000 Units Under Management at one time, making KDM one of the industry’s largest players at its peak.

Currently, KDM and its affiliated entities own and operate roughly thirty properties across more than a dozen states. In more recent years, KDM has pivoted to establish itself in the Class A Multifamily Development Industry. In 2021, KDM Development set Multifamily Asset Transaction Records in the Raleigh-Durham Triangle when it dispossessed of its 460 Unit Luxury Apartment Complex.

KDM Development is now presently overseeing one of the largest Multifamily Development Pipelines in the region with over $500M in New Assets Under Construction. This pipeline is overseen by its local Development Lead and Principal Kenyon Burnham, Vice President Peter Crossett, and Head of Construction Charles Hassinger.


Our Mission

KDM Development is a Real Estate Development and Management Company which dedicates itself to developing, owning, and operating industry standard setting multifamily, mixed use, and manufactured housing commercial real estate assets.

KDM seeks to accomplish this by adhering to its values of practicality, diligence, understanding, creativity, and integrity. Through a combination of repeated day-to-day practice and years of experience, KDM produces a high quality service and welcoming environment for its tenants, employees, investors, and the like.

Together, we strive for excellence to ensure the success of our clients, the well being of our properties, and the culture of KDM Development.


Kenneth Burnham: President

James Martin: Principal, CFO

George DeGraca: Principal, COO

Development Team

Kenyon Burnham: Principal & Senior Vice President

Peter Crossett: Vice President

Charles Hassinger: Head of Construction

Management Team

Chris Martin: Senior Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Diane Volkmar: Operation Manager

Kaydi Markham: Senior Accounting Specialist

Debra DeMars: Accounts Receivable Specialist

Holly Van Apeldoorn: Southeastern Regional Director

Miranda Hawley: Accounts Receivable & Payable Specialist

Cole Thompson: Accounts Receivable & Payable Specialist

Laurel Carey: Accounts Payable Specialist

Kristin Thornburg: Southeastern Regional Property Manager

Jessi Topping: Assistant Property Manager