Kenneth Burnham


Ken began his career in the banking industry after graduating from the University of Rochester’s Simon School with his MBA in Finance and Accounting. After many years in the banking industry, Ken left to begin his career in Real Estate. In 1982, Ken started Burnham Properties Inc., with a focus on buying and building Manufactured Housing Communities. In 1990, he joined forces with Jim Martin and George DeGraca to start KDM Development. In the time since, the trio have transacted on over one billion dollars in assets, at one point owning and managing over 10,000 units across 18 states and 60 properties along with a litany of other assets including retail centers, warehouses, apartment complexes, and more. Ken brings a broad background in all aspects of the Commercial Real Estate Development Industry and has been key to KDM’s continued growth and success. In 2017, he began work on KDM’s largest venture yet – the Luxury Apartments at Foxwoods, a 460 Unit, Class A+, Four Story Multifamily Project in Raleigh, North Carolina. In 2021, the project traded hands in what was, at the time, the largest multifamily transaction in Raleigh’s history, and the third largest in North Carolina’s. This project has become KDM’s case study and has set the benchmark for its undertakings moving forward.

James Martin

Principal, CFO

Jim started his career in the mid 70’s as a Certified Public Accountant, working with a broad spectrum of clientele in helping them to optimize their tax and wealth building strategies. In 1975, Jim began working with Malcom Glazer – eventually overseeing nearly all of Malcom’s financial and tax strategies. It was during this time that Jim met George, and in 1985 the two set off on their own when they launched Cavalier Health and began acquiring Nursing Homes in Massachusetts, New York, and Michigan. In 1990, they began working with Ken Burnham when the trio founded KDM Development. In the time since, Jim and George have successfully invested in, managed, operated, and developed widely diverse portfolio of businesses. This list includes thousands of units of Manufactured Housing Communities, millions of square feet of retail and industrial space, dozens of apartments communities, storage complexes, and even a portfolio of lucrative bowling alleys. Jim brings a valuable background across a wide spectrum of asset classes in Commercial Real Estate Finance and Tax Strategy, and has helped lead KDM through multiple economic downturns by applying his business acumen and broad financial knowledge.

George DaGraca

Principal, COO

George began his career in property management, working with Rochester’s Malcom Glazer from 1975-1984. He covered a variety of asset classes ranging from Manufactured Housing Communities to Retail to Nursing Home Facilities. George quickly worked his way up the ranks and, at the time of his departure, was overseeing almost all of the Glazers’ Nursing Home Facility Operations. In ’85, he teamed up with Jim Martin, and the two began working to assemble a portfolio of Commercial Real Estate Assets – starting with his bread and butter, Nursing Homes, and working into the Retail, Industrial, and Manufactured Housing spaces. George’s long track record of successful operations and diligent property management brings a valuable perspective to KDM Development and is a large part of the reason why the company has grown to what it is today.